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Life, health, anxiety, neurodiversity & of course, Reflexology


27 July 2014

New Business Cards

Proofs of my new business cards.

01 October 2013

A few questions about Reflexology answered (hopefully)

I know most visitors to this blog will have some knowledge and experience of Reflexology, but just in case you are new to the subject here are a few generally a…

26 September 2013

Why I like taster treatments, and why I LOVE Reflexology!

Eunice Ingham, known as the mother of Reflexology, said that even 15 minutes of Reflexology can be beneficial, and I whole-heartedly agree with this. As a thera…

26 September 2013


Hi, I’m Kate, a Reflexologist based in the Swansea area. I aim to blog about the things I am passionate about – mainly Reflexology! I want to share my own exp…

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