Somatic Therapy and Reflexology

While somatic therapy is becoming more widely talked about, it is not commonly understood that Reflexology is based on the same principles. You can have a similar experience during your normal Reflexology treatment.

The focus of somatic therapy is on connecting the mind and body to help with mental health conditions and improve wellbeing, which are also the foundational principles of Reflexology.

These treatments help individuals to re-regulate their nervous systems and can provide a supportive framework for the release of stored trauma and healing.

By focusing on the mind body connection, both therapies aim to regulate the central nervous system, by calming the adrenal glands and the over production of cortisol, and supporting the vagus nerve. This dual approach is key to calming feelings of anxiety and stress.

Anxiety and stress can be very limiting conditions, which have a huge impact on people’s lives. We often don’t realise we are living with chronic levels of stress, but our bodies give us signals in the form of digestive issues like IBS, or repeated headaches. It is advisable to seek treatment of some kind if you are struggling with ongoing health issues, rather than just trying to put a brave face on things.

If you have heard of somatic therapy, but don’t know where to begin, Reflexology is an excellent place to start. Call Kate on: 0117 259 1131.

Photo credit: Velizar Ivanov (Unsplash)

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