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11 January 2022

Masking and Autism

If you had to hide who you were most of the time, how do you think that would affect you?   Photo credit : volent (Unsplash) Autistic people often feel they…

21 August 2021

On practicing Reflexology in Bristol...

Almost exactly seven years ago I took the enormous step of uprooting my life and business and moving to Bristol.   In theory it should be a fairly easy thing…

19 August 2021

Why do calluses form on the feet?

Calluses or hard skin form on the feet in response to friction, generally because of our footwear. It is one of the body’s protective mechanisms. The pressure…

05 July 2021

Lemongrass and Mint Foot Cream

Do you ever worry about the condition of your feet as the weather improves? At my clinic I had a lot of clients asking me where to find the best foot cream (UK…

14 June 2021

Grapefruit, Lavender and Frankincense Body Lotion

This light and easily absorbed body lotion is perfect for moisturising dry skin suffering from a day in the sun. Clients asked me for a body lotion which was ea…

07 June 2021

School Refusal

Did you know that school refusal is common among autistic children, but that autistic children are also likely to be illegally excluded from school because thei…

31 May 2021

Scented Bath Salts

We decided to include bathing salts among the first products on our online shop because we felt they are the kind of everyday luxury which everyone can benefit…

23 May 2021

Migraines and Reflexology: Case Study 2

Migraines are extremely debilitating and can arise from a variety of causes. The following is an account of how I worked with a client over a period of years to…

16 May 2021

Velvet Rose and Oud Scented Candle

This candle was one of the first products we chose for the shop, and it has proved one of the most popular. The richly floral rose scent blends perfectly with t…

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