Scented Bath Salts

We decided to include bathing salts among the first products on our online shop because we felt they are the kind of everyday luxury which everyone can benefit from.

Because of their high magnesium content bath salts are often thought to help muscle aches and pains, although this is not proven. However just the warmth of the water will doubtless have a beneficial effect.

We love scented bath salts, and the fragrances we chose for our shop are Lavender to help relax and prepare for sleep, Lemongrass to invigorate, and Rose for the ultimate extravagent treat.

Bath salts make the perfect treat for you or gift for a loved one. All three of our range are sold as part of gift sets or individually.

If you are thinking of spoiling yourself or someone special, head over to our shop and have a look at the range.

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