On practicing Reflexology in Bristol…

Almost exactly seven years ago I took the enormous step of uprooting my life and business and moving to Bristol.

In theory it should be a fairly easy thing to move location as a self employed business owner, but in practice it really means starting from scratch.

As a new Reflexologist in Bristol I had to build up a whole new set of clients and establish myself where no-one knew me.

I was really lucky, in that Bristol has a very busy networking scene, and as a Reflexologist I was fairly unique in networking circles. I was also hugely fortunate that the people I met networking were keen to support me in other ways, so not only was I networking and building contacts, but my business proposition got sharper.

Another wonderful thing about Bristol was the comparative open-ness that the inhabitants had towards complementary therapies. Although I spend a lot of my time trying to help people understand Reflexology better, it has not been quite an uphill struggle in Bristol.

All in all what was a difficult decision and a stressful process has been wonderful as well, and I really have never looked back.

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