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30 August 2015

Bradley Stoke Carnival, and Why I Don't Charge For Taster Treatments!

Yesterday I had a stall for my business at the Bradley Stoke Carnival. It was a lovely day, not too hot, and thankfully not a spot of rain. The Town Council had…

21 May 2015

Did You Know Reflexology Was Rediscovered In The West By A Surgeon??

Did you know Reflexology was rediscovered in the west by a surgeon, Dr William Fitzgerald? He was born in 1872 in the United States, and became a leading ear…

02 March 2015

Monthly Pamper Giveaway

Here at Lotus we like to give something back every once in a while, so we have decided to start a free monthly giveaway. If you know someone in the Bristol are…

26 February 2015

BS9 and BS6 Review of Lotus Reflexology

For those of you that don't receive the BS6 or BS9 magazines, Andy Fraser the editor wrote a lovely review of my Reflexology treatment. Here is a link to BS9 o…

23 January 2015

Struggling with New Year Resolutions?

Are you struggling with your New Year Resolutions? Here are my tips on making long lasting positive lifestyle changes. Review your resolutions and ask yours…

15 December 2014

Tips on drinking enough water!

A subject that comes up frequently when I am with clients is how to make sure they are drinking enough water. While we all know that we should be drinking at le…

04 December 2014

New Photos

I recently went through the very uncomfortable process of a professional photo shoot in order to get some new pictures for marketing materials. Here are the re…

27 July 2014

New Business Cards

Proofs of my new business cards.

01 October 2013

A few questions about Reflexology answered (hopefully)

I know most visitors to this blog will have some knowledge and experience of Reflexology, but just in case you are new to the subject here are a few generally a…

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