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23 November 2020

Giving Back Award from the Women's Business Conference

The Giving Back Award Recently I was nominated for the Giving Back Award for the Women's Business Conference. It would be amazing if you could all vote for me,…

16 November 2020

Women's Business Conference Award Nomination

Women's Business Conference Award Nomination I had some wonderful news over the weekend. I was nominated for an award at the Women's Business Conference on Dec…

09 November 2020

Chrsitmas Gifts: Lemongrass

Christmas Gifts: Lemongrass Apparently Lemongrass is used in hoodoo magic for protection and cleansing... I can't say for certain if these products will have…

13 October 2020

Reflexology for Children with Autism - The Potential Project Launches

Reflexology for Children with Autism The Potential Project Launches Many of you are aware that I have for a long time been working with children and teenage…

17 February 2019

Fibromyalgia and Reflexology

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition, which is becoming more common, and yet about which very little is known. The most widely accepted theory is that fibromyal…

02 December 2016

How to deal with a foot corn: Part Two. A Case Study

Several months ago I wrote a blog on how to deal with a foot corn, covering how they form, what causes them and how to deal with them. I thought it would be he…

30 September 2016

Use Coconut Oil As Moisturiser & Much More

I can't decide if I was early or late to the coconut oil party. 6 years ago when I was learning Indian Head Massage, coconut oil was my oil of choice (more of t…

05 September 2016

My Five Home Health Essentials

Everyone has things in their home that they wouldn't be without. cooking equipment and cleaning materials are usually a high priority. Most people will also hav…

12 August 2016

What is the best hard skin remover for feet?

Clients always want to know what is the best hard skin remover for feet? But it is useful to understand that in some ways it is not a problem but a solution. Ha…

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