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30 September 2016

So Many Reasons to Use Coconut Oil

I can't decide if I was early or late to the coconut oil party. 6 years ago when I was learning Indian Head Massage, coconut oil was my oil of choice (more of t…

05 September 2016

My Five Home Health Essentials

Everyone has things in their home that they wouldn't be without. cooking equipment and cleaning materials are usually a high priority. Most people will also hav…

12 August 2016

The best way to get rid of hard skin

Clients always want to know the best way to get rid of hard skin, but it is useful to understand that in some ways it is not a problem but a solution. Hard skin…

21 July 2016

How I look after myself! Part One

How I look after myself: Part One Part of my ethos as a healthcare practitioner is to encourage and empower people to take responsibility for their health. To…

03 July 2016

Healthy Food Prepping

The chances are, if you haven't been on Pinterest you have never heard of food prepping. Neither had I. It was a surprise to discover that something I had been…

30 June 2016

Reflexology in Egypt

One of the most interesting aspects of the history of Reflexology is the evidence of the use of foot massage in ancient Egypt. This intriguing depiction was fo…

24 June 2016

My Favourite Green Smoothie!

A lot of people struggle to get their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. A great way to get round this is to have a daily smoothie. Even better is…

02 June 2016

Reflexology and Back Pain

Anyone reading this who has suffered from back pain will know what a debilitating problem it is. Back pain can range from mild to severe, but it is always life-…

27 May 2016

Reflexology and IBS

It is never a surprise to me when I am taking a client’s health history, if they mention they suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. It is an extremely c…

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