Somatic Therapy and Reflexology

While somatic therapy is becoming more widely talked about, it is not commonly understood that Reflexology is based on the same principles. You can have a similar experience during your normal Reflexology treatment. The focus of somatic therapy is on connecting the mind and body to help with mental health conditions and improve wellbeing, which […]

Masking and Autism

If you had to hide who you were most of the time, how do you think that would affect you?

Why do calluses form on the feet?

Calluses or hard skin form on the feet in response to friction, generally because of our footwear. It is one of the body’s protective mechanisms.

School Refusal

Did you know that school refusal is common among autistic children, but that autistic children are also likely to be illegally excluded from school because their educational support needs are hard to meet?

Scented Bath Salts

We decided to include bathing salts among the first products on our online shop because we felt they are the kind of everyday luxury which everyone can benefit from.