Sea Salt and Oakmoss Candle

This is one of the most fascinating scents I have found so far. Like many people I’m sure, what drew me to it was the call of the sea, which I miss every day, but what keeps you there is something fascinating and unique. The best description of this scent is “ozonic” and it really does invite you to breathe deeply.

Although sea salt takes the title role, it is oakmoss which steals the show. Something which I hadn’t heard about turns out to be something rather remarkable, because not only does it have a very sophisticated complex earthy scent, but it also helps fix other scents, making it very popular in perfumery. If you want to find out more, this article from the Perfume society is excellent.

Here is some of our customer feedback:

“This candle smells divine. Up until now, I’ve always been a Yankee candle girl. I’m now 100% converted, my house has never smelt so lovely.” Stacey

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