Pregnancy and Reflexology

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have, but the huge demands it places on the body can lead to quite a number of problems. Morning sickness, back pain, constipation and fatigue are commonly associated with the stages of pregnancy but they don’t have to be just accepted. These symptoms can be managed and reduced with Reflexology.

Reflexology is a fantastic way to prepare a woman’s body for labour, and can be effectively used during labour as well. Because Reflexology helps women during pregnancy to relax and connect with the process, it can have a very positive influence on the length and progress of labour.

Morning sickness is one of the most common experiences of pregnancy and it can become extremely severe. It is actually a really positive sign of a healthy pregnancy, but that may not be of much comfort when going through it. It is caused by the surges in progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy as the body prepares the uterus for expansion.

Fatigue is a common symptom of pregnancy which occurs particularly during the first trimester but can affect women throughout the entire pregnancy. The best advice is to rest as much as possible, but using Reflexology can help to boost energy levels and reduce the impact of fatigue.

Back pain begins to be a factor towards the later stages of pregnancy, although it can affect women earlier. Reflexology works on the skeleton to relax and support it, and to release any tension or pain. I found this aspect extremely useful during my pregnancy, as I had a huge baby bump and had quite severe back pain at times.

Constipation can become an issue later in pregnancy because the foetus has grown to such a size that it is pushing into the organs surrounding it. Even women who don’t have problems with constipation normally can find some difficulties at this point. Again Reflexology works to help elimination, and ensure the nerve supply to the colon is working well. Women who have Reflexology from the start of their pregnancy often find they don’t have any problems with constipation, but for women who do, even just one or two treatments can be enough to resolve them.

It is good to have weekly Reflexology treatments during pregnancy to help ensure you are in the best possible health. Women who have Reflexology weekly, often find that they don’t struggle with back pain or constipation, because any potential issues are resolved almost before they arise. Even if, for whatever reason you can’t have weekly treatments, seeing a Reflexologist a few times during your pregnancy will be very beneficial.

If you are considering using Reflexology through your pregnancy, and would like more information, please call Kate on : 0117 950 6629 or 07811 619860.

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