Natural treatment for verruca

Verrucae are one of the more common things I have enquiries about in my Foot Health practice, which is hardly surprising as they are one of the most common problems people encounter on their feet.

Here’s the thing. In my opinion, no one should ever have to pay money for someone to treat a verruca. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE TREATED. I have met countless people who have made repeated visits to different practitioners to have their verrucae treated, often for quite a lot of money. It is not necessary. I much prefer to advise people over the phone, let them try a natural treatment for verruca, and only see people in the clinic if the verruca has become painful.

Verrucae are a virus, much like a common cold. Once you have caught a verruca, most commonly during childhood, the virus will continue to live in your system until you die. You cannot kill a verruca, so there is little point going to great lengths in order to do so.

There are, however things you can do to encourage them to go away.

Firstly, it is important to remember that if you are getting verrucae as an adult, it is a sign that your immune system is weak and you may be run down. So eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and make sure you are getting plenty of rest. The best natural treatment for verruca is to make your body so healthy they cannot thrive in it.

One of the best home treatments for verrucae is tea tree oil. If you paint some tea tree on any and all verrucae on your feet, morning and evening, it does seem to discourage them from hanging around too much. You have to be absolutely fanatical about this, painting them twice a day until all signs of verrucae are gone. This is what I advise my clients to do, and it seems to work very well. Most people who try this natural treatment for verruca find that it works with two or three months.

Occasionally you might have a verruca which is so large, and so inconveniently placed on the sole of the foot that it becomes really painful to walk on. In these cases, clients can come and see me in the clinic, where I will file away any hard skin that has built up around the offender, and then carefully reduce some of the bulk of the verruca itself. It is not very common to have a verruca this problematic, and nine times out of ten, I would say it is completely possible to treat verrucae at home, following the treatment I have outlined above.

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