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My Three Tips For Surviving The Changing Season

Surviving The Changing Season

his time of year is my favourite, as the leaves change, the air gets cooler. and the nights draw in, but there is no escaping the fact that we often start falling ill with coughs and colds, and sometimes struggle with tiredness. Here are a few of my tips for keeping illness at bay at this time of year!

1. Drink lemon water! The medicinal and nutritional properties of lemons are legendary, and there is nothing better to start your day with. It will help boost your immune system and gently cleanse your digestive system. Make by squeezing a quarter segment into a cup, dropping the segment in and topping up with boiling water.

2. Keep exercising! If running and cycling are your thing, but you hate getting out in the cold and rain, switch to swimming or some gym based exercise. Exercise boosts your endorphins and boosts your lymphatic system which will help you fight off any bugs doing the rounds.

3. Get plenty of rest! Many people talk about wanting to hibernate as the nights draw in, and while that is not practical for many of us, following our bodies need for sleep is important. Being over tired can weaken the immune system and leave us open to illness.

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