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A Single Step: How to look after your health through your feet!

My Book - A Single Step
How to look after your health through your feet!

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All the profits from the products are being used to subsidise treatments for autistic children and teenagers as part of Kate’s Potential Project. See the blog for more details.

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A short, easy to read overview on the subjects of Reflexology and Foot Healthcare. This book aims to help people with health problems and foot pain decide if they need treatment, and which treatment would be most suitable.

The author draws on her many years of clinical experience to provide an accessible overview of the two disciplines of Reflexology and Foot Healthcare.

The section on Reflexology covers some common health problems and how Reflexology might help them.

In the part of the book dedicated to Foot Healthcare, Kate describes common problems that people have on their feet. She looks at likely causes and the kind of treatment you should expect from a professional.

This book is also full of useful health advice and gives suggestions of ways that individuals can take care of problems themselves.

It is a book aimed at helping make more informed choices about the kind of treatment they may or may not need.

Paperback: 100 pages
Published: Septmber 2016
Language: English
ISBN-10: 099576350X
ISBN-13: 978-0995763500
Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.6 x 20.3 cm

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  • I have a complex and ongoing health condition, which I have found easier to manage since having Reflexology treatments with Kate. Having regular treatments has made me feel calmer and better able to cope with my health problems.

    A. Morris

  • Attending regular Reflexology sessions with Kate, helped me tremendously during my pregnancy. I found myself relaxed and well prepared for labour, and I had a quick, painless and happy birth. Reflexology made a significant difference to my pregnancy, and I would use it again in future.

    R. Floyd

  • I'm now on my second course of sessions, and highly recommend reflexology and Kate in particular. I've found these sessions to be incredibly relaxing and de-stressing and feel they're having a positive effect on my mental health.

    T. Rowe

  • Kate is amazing. I can not recommend her skills highly enough. Whether I have blocked sinuses, high stress levels, insomnia or bad back, Kate's reflexology gives me almost instant relief. AMAZING!

    L. Morgan

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