Cure sugar cravings – one change that worked for me!

Since becoming an adult I have always struggled with sugar cravings. My parents were very responsible and severely restricted my sugar intake for the sake of my teeth, so as soon as I moved away from them, I went crazy. I was so thrilled to be able to indulge my sweet tooth, that I was quite happy to have chocolate and cakes every day, and as I was lucky enough not to put on weight at that time in my life, I didn’t worry about it. I didn’t see any need to cure my sugar cravings.

When I began to look at my lifestyle and make healthy changes, sugar was always the thing that let me down. I found that for most of the month I could control myself, but in the run-up to my period I would stumble, and once again, there I would be working my way through 200g of fruit and nut.

I got to the point where I felt that my hormonal fluctuations would prevent me ever managing to cure my sugar cravings and as I was still not putting on much weight I just resigned myself to it. After all, the rest of my diet was good, and chocolate is delicious.

In 2014 I became ill. In January I started to cough and couldn’t stop. I was diagnosed with asthma after a few months, and the cough seemed to go away with the medication. But there was still a tickle in my throat and my nose seemed to run constantly.

I knew that I was probably slightly allergic to my pets, and I knew that dairy products increased mucous production, which was undoubtedly aggravating my symptoms, so I decided to try going dairy free for a few months to see if it helped.

After Christmas I cleared out all the dairy products and finished all the milk chocolate and started the new dietary regime. Within about a month I noticed that my constant sniffles were gone, and in fact my nose felt quite dry which was a new experience for me.

Chocolate addict that I am, I had stocked up on dark chocolate that was free of milk, except from the possible cross contamination disclaimer. But I wasn’t eating it. I had 5 big blocks in the fridge and after the first couple of weeks I wasn’t even looking for it.

One year on, there is plenty of dark, dairy free chocolate lying around the house, which I nibble at occasionally, but that is as far as it goes. The days of polishing off 200g in an evening are long gone. So my recommendation if you are trying to cure sugar cravings, is to try cutting out dairy.

It worked for me.

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